Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday's Word: Birds

This past week I went out to my strawberry patch to pick me some delicious strawberries. The plants should have been loaded--I usually fill a big bowl this time of the growing season, but each time I came away with a handful or two. It's the birds. They are devouring my berries and I'm not happy. So this week's Wednesday's word has got to be BIRDS.

Birds are for the birds.
They mark my plants with turds.
But even worse than that
on ripe berries they grow fat,
leaving two for me,
each the size of peas.
I could get mad and yell
and curse them all to Hell.
But do I really wish they'd go?
The answer I fear is, no.
I love to hear them sing
and watch them as they wing
across the sky in flight;
such a beautiful sound and sight.
I'll just share and share some more,
and buy my berries at the store.

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