Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday's Word: Hoe

This week, as I weeded my garden I decided what I wanted this week's Wednesday's word to be: HOE.
I realize Ho could be a greeting from Santa Claus, or a shady lady of the night, but the hoe I want to talk about is a nifty tool that helps me keep my garden growing strong and beautiful. My hoe is not the typical row-digging hoe, but a small diamond-shaped blade at the end of a pole. It enables me to scape across the top of the soil, cutting down small weedlings before they have time to get established. It also lets me cut the weeds down just centimeters away from my established plants. You really should invest in one of these things if you are serious about gardening.
My thoughts about hoeing just beg for a poem.

A small metal blade at the end of a pole
eliminates most of the weeds my hands need to pull,
cutting them down before they grow tall,
giving my plants room to spread when they're small
and unable to fight weeds on their own;
something quite difficult even when full-grown.
Perhaps in our lives we should impliment a hoe,
cutting down the bad things before they take root and grow.
If we weed crap out while small and few
we'll have more strength to grow in all we do.

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