Monday, February 6, 2012

Ninja Instructor--ME?

I've just taken on a role that is both exciting and intimidating. I will be one of five instructors helping the amazing Ali Cross to teach aspiring authors to be ninja writers.Ali has been inspiring writers for the past year or so on her own blog, comparing the writing process to that of becoming a ninja. But recently she has created a new blog dedicated solely to the ninja writing journey, The Writer's DoJo. This past Saturday, Ali more or less kicked the blog into full motion by hosting the first NiNoCon, an interactive, on-line writer's conference. I attended several sessions and found it very helpful and informative.

If you are interested at all in the process of writing, you'll want to follow the blog, The Writer's DoJo. Every day will offer a new tip, inspiration, and/or motivation, etc., to assist authors on their journey toward becoming the best writing ninja they possibly can.

I have the dubious honor of being the instructor to post the first of many lessons to come. It is on the topic of meditation. Hop on over and see what meditation and meat & potatoes have in common.

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