Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A to Z Challenge: C is for crayons

C is for crayons,
I love red, green, and blue,
and coloring pictures
when they are brand new.

I loved crayons as a kid. Unfortunately,  my memories of coloring for hours with all those cool colors are older and harder to remember than recent memories. As a mother, I hated scrubbing them off the walls, vacuuming broken pieces out of the carpet, and the ultimate bummer experience:  crayons left in the car with the windows up, parked out in the sun on a 100 degree plus summer day.
What are your memories of crayons?


  1. Crayons remind me of innoncence and creativity, rainy days when I couldn't go out to play and had to make do with colouring the bare walls of my house, thanks for bringing those memories back :)

  2. Getting to the point where the wrapping has to be shredded. I used crayons a lot. I liked new boxes and new colors, but it was really in using them enough so that they were really a part of my activities and not just a novelty that made them special.

  3. Our kids love to color... we have to admit, so do we.
    Dani & Jax @ Cover Girls

  4. I loved everyone's comments today. Thanks.