Saturday, April 20, 2013

A to Z Challenge: R is for Race Cars

R is for race cars
that zoom 'round a track.
They race right away,
but always come back.

Even as a girl, I loved racing those little cars around my brother's race track. It was fun seeing them zoom around the oval, or figure-eight--whatever configuration my brother came up with. But that's where my fascination with race car ends. Today, you couldn't pay me to go to a race track and watch actual cars race around a track. Maybe it's because I'm purely a spectator. I never liked that part either as a child--I always wanted to have one of those control sticks that let me drive one of the cars. I guess I'm not the spectator type.
How about you? Would you rather be a spectator? Or a participant?


  1. Spectator for me. I'm too fragile--I break, just like the cars do when they crash.
    A - Z Challenge

  2. Car racing is the most popular spectator sport, but never really appealed to me. Fun to take part, not so much to watch.


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