Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogging from A to Z: T is for Tree

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

T is for Tree

I love trees. The are my favorite of Mother Nature's creations. They uplift me, inspire me, and make me smile. In honor of them and the letter T, I'm posting a poem I wrote. Actually, it's the manuscript for a children's book I hope to have published one day. (I wish I was a decent illustrator).


My friend doesn't wear
pink bows in her hair.
My friend doesn't eat
milk, muffins or meat.

My friend doesn't shop,
swim, cycle, or hop.
My friend’s not like me.
My friend is a tree.

In spring she’s all white.
Her blossoms delight
my eyes and my nose.
I love what she grows.

She’s so fun to climb
in midsummer time.
If I get the whim,
I swing from her limb.

An apple a day                                                                                   
I eat when I play
with her in the fall.
She helps me grow tall.

Last winter I’m told,
when it got too cold,
she gave her right arm
to help keep me warm.

There’s more to my friend.
Her gifts have no end.
She gives me for free
stuff essential to me.

Recycling the air,
she makes lots to share.
Used air becomes new,
so I don’t turn blue.

When it’s a hot day,
I don’t want to play. 
I long for her shade
where cool air is made.                                                                            

When I want to run,
when smog dusts the sun,
I’m glad that she’s there.
Her leaves clean the air.

My friend’s not alone.
All trees that are grown,
like oak, ash, and fir,
give gifts just like her.

We all need the trees,
baboons, birds, and bees,
kids like us, too.
So what should we do?

Recycling is good.
It saves lots of wood.
I’ll turn off the light,
add blankets at night.

I’ll walk a lot more
to school and the store,                                                                       
and plant a new tree—
a new friend for me.

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